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Flute Making and Repair Courses

Take a course with the Vermont Guild of Flute Making, and learn the things you always wanted to know about the mechanics of the flute.  When things go wrong with your own flute, it's easy to find the problem and fix it yourself.  When your friends or students have trouble, you'll be able to help them solve their problems, too.

Working at home in your own shop has many benefits.  Think about the following:

  • Supplement your income at your own pace.
  • Work at home and gain a tax deduction for business use.
  • Keep your own schedule as time permits.
  • Pads are inexpensive so profits are good.
  • No need to travel  to work, so you can enjoy setting up a "Green" life style.
  • Working at home gives you the benefit of being close to your family all day.
  • When your repair income increases, you can drop other things you don't like!

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Master Class Descriptions

Flute Tune-Up

The wonderful and simple mechanism of the flute can be successfully maintained by any student. This short course brings the simplicity of the flute into the hands of the student through a series of skill-building steps. Using the Landell Flute Tune-Up Manual as a text, each student will be personally guided through the disassembly and reas­sembly procedure, learning the proper oiling techniques and acquiring skills in the use of the tools. People of all ages have experienced the satisfaction of knowing their flute on the mechanical level and the confidence derived from clean­ing and oiling it properly themselves.

6-8 Hour Class $ 250.-
Book and Tools  $350.-
Total   $600

Padding Techniques

The next logical step in maintaining your own flute is to acquire the skill of pad installation and leveling.  Beginning with the Tune-Up on the first day, students then learn how to install and level pads by applying the same techniques practiced by the most highly qualified repairmen.  Furthermore, this course offers all the important skills needed to replace the corks, felts, and connections, and to make the final adjustments.  Students should bring their own flute to pad during this course.  Tuition price includes a Tune-Up Tool Kit, Pin Driver and Manual, and all necessary supplies.

Five Day Course Tuition   $1,200-
       Books and Materials        600-

Overhaul and Mechanical Techniques

This course is designed especially for students who want to know how to overhaul and restore the flute in preparation for working as a flute repair technician. Many of the skills needed to overhaul fine flutes will be covered including removing dents and scratches, stretching worn keys, repairing solder joints on soldered tone holes, polishing and cleaning the flute, re-pinning, replacing broken spings, etc: Some time will be devoted to techniques of operating the lathe and other machines, hardening, and important machine shop tips. Prerequisites: (1) The Project Flute must be completely disassembled by the student before it will be usable in the class. (2) Students must attend the Padding Class prior to attending the Overhaul Class.

       Five Day Course Tuition           $1,200-
             Books and Materials                 600-

Build Your Own Head!

The head joint is comprised of only three parts: the lip plate, the riser and the tube. It is the logical place to begin to learn how to make a flute. During this course, each student will make a flute head joint from beginning to end, learning most of the skills needed to make a flute, including filing, sandiing, scraping, burnishing silver and lead soldering, polishing, cleaning, basic tool making and lathe operation. The important design characteristics of the head joint will be dis­cussed, and students will leave with a hand made silver head joint for his/her own flute.

      Five Day Course Tuition  $ 1,200-
                Books & Materials       1,600-

Build Your Own Flute!

Students who would like to learn about the trade will want this complete introduction to flute building. The course will begin with a completed silver flute body and foot joint and all the parts necessary to build the keys. The course ends at the point where the flute is ready for springs and pads. Naturally the finished flute becomes the personal property of the student! The following list of skills will be covered during the course: soldering and brazing, filing, grinding, scraping, burnishing, fitting and assembling keys, pinning, etc. A complete booklet containing all the important course notes is provided for each student. All necessary tools will be provided for use during the course, and may be purchased at the end. (Completion of Courses 1 - 4 is required for this course.)

    Six Week Course Tuition    $ 7,000-
               Books & Materials       15,000-

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Travel to Vermont is now possible from out of state with a 2 week self-quarantine. Until the COVID health crisis is over we will be meeting with one student at a time.

Due to the continuing health crisis, we will make arrangements for students to take our training courses privately at a mutually agreeable time.  Some time this summer we plan to sell our home and move to Wampum, PA which is a rural town just north of Pittsburgh.  If everything works out, we will be in transition for 2-3 months this summer packing up, moving and setting up shop there.  It looks like we would be leaving Vermont in May or June and setting up during the summer out there, assuming the real estate issues are resolved quickly.

If you would like to know more details, please call or email very soon.  We plan to continue to make flutes and head joints and repair fine flutes when the shop is back up and running again.

EMAIL;  jonathon.landell@[remove this text]

OR CALL:   (802) 434-4317

Look for new videos on the YouTube channel -  jonlandell

Thank you.