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Professional Custom Flute Maker

About Jonathon Landell, Flute Maker

Let me take a minute for an introduction.  While I was studying flute performance with James Pappoutsakis at the New England Conservatory in Boston, I found a job apprenticing with Powell Flutes – the best in the business.  Every day I learned something new, and I became skilled in the art of flute making.  My lessons with “Mr. P” as we called him, made me aware of his concept of sound and tone.  My lessons at Powell Flutes made me aware of the mechanical aspects of the art of flute making.  My greatest ambition was to build custom handmade professional flutes under my own name.

It was just like going to college to work under such people as Ed Almeida, Bick Brannen, and Dick Jerome.  During that period they trained Fredrich Von Huene, Jack Goosman, Charlie Roberts, Gene Sagerman, and myself, all of whom went on to establish new custom workshops.  We shared an admiration for Mr. Powell and for the new owners.  We were the class of the 60’s, who followed Verne Powell’s dedication to the art of making great flutes and playing the great music of the modern flute.      Read more...

“There are over 180 handmade Landell flutes in silver and gold, and one prototype flute in titanium. Innovation has been my hallmark. Hard work has been the means.” 

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