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Flute Tune-Up Manual

A self-study course by design, the Tune-Up Manual is the best introduction to flute maintenance & repair on the market today. Concise, well-illustrated, and stuffed full of tips and details, this instructional course will give any novice a basic understanding of how to disassemble, clean, oil, and adjust a professional high-end flute. Literally anyone can follow this manual, even the "non-technical". As a supplement, an appendix displays four full-page illustrations of how each part of the flute assembles back together just in case you get lost.

Now in the Third Edition, Expanded and Enhanced Layout     $75


Q. What about the Tools *à la carte*?
A. Come for the classes first and decide what tools you’ll need while you’re here.  We can provide the necessary tools and supplies for the class experience, and you can buy the Course Notes and tools you want while you’re here.  At this time we don’t have a complete catalog of tools and supplies ready for publication, because we’re now preparing a complete instruction book for all the classes.  But we’ll have a list of tools and prices for you when the classes start this summer. 

Q. I'm scared to work on my professional flute!
A. It is not necessary to use a professional flute for practice in this course - but we recommend purchasing or borrowing a good quality flute locally or from an internet auction house like eBay.  Please don't try to work on a very cheap import from Asia, because you'll be too frustrated with the quality.  Boston or Elkhart flutes are the best choice.  Look closely at the pins, and avoid a flute that has nothing left on top to work with.  The pins should not be ground away flush with the keys, but should protrude both top and bottom from the keys.

Tune-Up Tool Kit

Pin Driver